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Popular ’8 towards 12’ photo exhibition to be displayed at Worlds

Opdateret d. 10-07-2014

Af Jannik Lund Andersen

The inspirational photo exhibition that depicts the journey of eight Danish athletes trying to make it to the London 2012 Paralympics will be on display at Arena Fyn for the IWRF 2014 Wheelchair Rugby World Championship.


Audiences coming to Arena Fyn in early august will get more than world-class sports in return for the admission price. Photographer Bo Nymann’s highly praised ‘8 towards 12’ exhibit will be on display for everyone to enjoy right next to the on-court action.


Event Manager Mette Holstein Arnesen is pleased to be able to include the photo exhibit in the World Championship experience.


- ‘8 towards 12’ fits really well, with what we want to do in Arena Fyn. The exhibit is an excellent complement to the passion and dedication on display in the tournament, and we believe it will contribute to a very special atmosphere in the arena. We cannot wait for the teams and audience to experience it for themselves, she says.


Photographer Bo Nymann is excited for the opportunity:


- I am very pleased that the exhibition, which so far has been on display at six locations around Denmark, will also reach an international audience at the world championships, and I am especially exciting that the pictures will be a part of such an amazing event, Nymann says.




Breaking down barriers

The ‘8 towards 12’ exhibition consists of 71 photos taken over the course of 18 months leading up to the Paralympic Games in London 2012. Eight athletes opened up their lives to the photographer both on the field, at home, in school, at work, and in the ups and downs of everyday life. Seven of them qualified for the Paralympics, and three of them went on to win medals. The photo exhibition is often credited with contributing to break down the barriers and stereotypes faced by people with disabilities in Denmark.


Check out 8towards12.com and Facebook/8towards12 for more about the exhibition.

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