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Brev til IPC-formand Andrew Parsons

Nedenstående fælles brev fra de nationale paralympiske komitéer i Sverige, Norge, Finland, Island, Færøerne og Danmark er sendt til IPC's formand Andrew Parsons mandag den 28. februar 2022 på baggrund af Ruslands militære invasion af Ukraine.

Brev til IPC-formand Andrew Parsons

The Paralympic Committees of the Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Sweden) have discussed the Russian aggressions towards Ukraine and its implications for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Beijing.

At the moment, a wide-ranging set of coordinated international sanctions are being developed within a broad range of sectors, hereunder at EU level.

The Russian attack on the Ukrainian people and breach of international law, demands international condemnation and sanctions.

Our entire Paralympic history has its origins in the terrible Second World War that ravaged Europe. Let us as Paralympic organizations be clear and stand strong against unprovoked military aggressions on democratic nations.

We strongly condemn the Russian attacks on Ukraine and express our deepest sympathies for all those affected. Ukraine is a country with a great sport tradition and the Nordic Paralympic Committees stand in solidarity with them.

With this military aggression, Russia and indirectly Belarus violates the rule of humanity as well as the Olympic Truce and thereby endanger the safety and participation of everyone taking part in the Games.

The Paralympic Committees of the Nordic countries strongly recommend the IPC to consider expelling the Russian and Belarussian Paralympic Committee from taking part in the upcoming Paralympic Games competitions in Beijing.

We also call upon the International Paralympic Committee to do everything in its power to make sure that the Ukrainian Paralympic athletes can take part in the Paralympic Games.

On behalf of the entire parasport movement in the Nordic countries we sincerely hope a peaceful resolution can be found to put an end to the current conflict and suffering.


Your sincerely,

Åsa Llinares Norlin, NPC Sweden

Vibeke Sorensen, NPC Norway

Sari Rautio, NPC Finland

John Petersson, NPC Denmark

Thordur A. Hjaltested, NPC Iceland

Petur Elias Petersen, NPC Faroe Islands