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Danish Open March 6th – 8th 2015


The Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled has the pleasure to invite all federations and Danish and foreign clubs to take part in Danish Open 2015. In 2015 the competition is held in cooperation with Esbjerg Svømmeklub on March 6th – 8th 2015.

The Organising Committee will make all possible efforts to receive the swimmers and staff of your federation/club in the best possible way.



Danish Open is held in one of the best competitive pools in Denmark, Svømmestadion Danmark. It was built in 1996 and has been used for many international competitions (e.g. European Youth Olympic Days 1999). The address is:

Svømmestadion Danmark

Gl. Vardevej 60

6700 Esbjerg




The competition will be held in a 50 meter pool with 10 lanes and a water temperature of 26 ºC. Furthermore the competition will be held with electronic timing system (OMEGA) and complete lane result screen.


The competition is open for swimmers with a functional or a learning disability or visual impairment.


The event will be run under IPC ruling. The one start rule will apply for Danish Open.


There are no qualifying times and classes S1 - S14 are offered. Seeding according to entry times and independent of classification.


NEWS: There will be prize money to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in every of the 20 multi disability finals. The winning seats will be calculated according to the international IPC point system.


1st place: 80 €, 2nd place: 50 €, 3rd place: 30 €


There will be prize money to the three best individually performing men and women in the Paralympic disciplines. A swimmer can only win one prize, and the swimmer has to present at the pool side for the ceremony Sunday afternoon otherwise the price will forfeit. The winning seats will be calculated according to the international IPC point system.


1st place: 120 €, 2nd place: 100 €, 3rd place: 80 €.


In case of a tie, the prize money will be shared (e.g. if there is a tie for 1st place, then no 2nd place prize money will be awarded. The total of euro 220 will be divided equally between the 2 winners – i.e. 110 each).

Only athletes with IPC Swimming license will be considered for IPC Swimming ranking and record lists.







Entries must be submitted to the organising committee no later than February 1st 2015.


If this is first time your team participate in Danish Open please use this link to register your team.


If you team have participate before please use this link.



Late entries will not be accepted!



If you have any questions please contact:


Mette Holstein Arnesen

E-mail: mho@parasport.dk 

Phone: +45 24 45 26 55

The Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled

Brondby Station 20

2605 Brondby



The accreditation fee is:


€  100 per swimmer

€  50 per staff (coach, team manager, helper etc.)


No refunds will be given for withdrawals.


Full payment of accreditation fees must be made no later than February 10th 2015 (payment later than February 10th 2015, will be charged an administration fee of € 20 per accreditation) to:


Account holder:

The Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled

Idraettens Hus

DK – 2605 Brøndby




Spar Nord København

Raadhuspladsen 75

1505 Copenhagen V


IBAN DK6793854574066625

Account #: 373126


Please enter Team name and “DO 2015” in connection with the payment.


































































Session I - Friday

Warm up: 16.30-17.50                           Competition: 18.00


Event 1        200 freestyle women         Class S1 – S14

Event 2        200 freestyle men             Class S1 – S14

Event 3        150 IM women                  Class SM1 – SM4

Event 4        150 IM men                      Class SM1 – SM4

Event 5        200 IM women                  Class SM5 – SM14

Event 6        200 IM men                      Class SM5 – SM14



Session II - Saturday

Warm up: 08.00-09.20                           Competition: 09.30


Event 7        50 breaststroke women    Class SB1 – SB14

Event 8        50 breaststroke men        Class SB1 – SB14

Event 9        100 freestyle women        Class S1 – S14

Event 10     100 freestyle men             Class S1 – S14

Event 11     50 butterfly women           Class S1 – S14

Event 12     50 butterfly men               Class S1 – S14

Event 13     100 backstroke women      Class S1 – S14

Event 14     100 backstroke men          Class S1 – S14

Event 15     400 freestyle women         Class S6 – S14

Event 16     400 freestyle men             Class S6 – S14



Session III - Saturday multi-disability finals

Warm up: 16.00-17.20                           Competition: 17.30


Event 105   200 IM women                  8 best from Event 5

Event 106   200 IM men                      8 best from Event 6

Event 107   50 breaststroke women     8 best from Event 7

Event 108   50 breaststroke men         8 best from Event 8

Event 109   100 freestyle women         8 best from Event 9

Event 110   100 freestyle men             8 best from Event 10

Event 111   50 butterfly women           8 best from Event 11

Event 112   50 butterfly men               8 best from Event 12

Event 113   100 backstroke women      8 best from Event 13

Event 114   100 backstroke men          8 best from Event 14

Event 115   400 freestyle women         8 best from Event 15

Event 116   400 freestyle men             8 best from Event 16



Session IV - Sunday

Warm up: 08.00-09.20                         Competition: 09.30


Event 17     50 backstroke women        Class S1 – S14

Event 18     50 backstroke men            Class S1 – S14

Event 19     100 breaststroke women   Class SB1 – SB14

Event 20     100 breaststroke men       Class SB1 – SB14

Event 21     50 freestyle women          Class S1 – S14

Event 22     50 freestyle men              Class S1 – S14

Event 23     100 butterfly women        Class S1 – S14

Event 24     100 butterfly men            Class S1 – S14



Session V - Sunday multi-disability finals

Warm up: 13.00-13.50                Competition: 14.00-15.00


Event 117   50 backstroke women       8 best from Event 17

Event 118   50 backstroke men           8 best from Event 18

Event 119   100 breaststroke women   8 best from Event 19

Event 120   100 breaststroke men       8 best from Event 20

Event 121   50 freestyle women          8 best from Event 21

Event 122   50 freestyle men              8 best from Event 22

Event 123   100 butterfly women        8 best from Event 23

Event 124   100 butterfly men            8 best from Event 24



Multi-disability finals:

The participating swimmers in the multi-disability finals will be found by calculating points from the achieved times from the preliminary event by the German 1000-point system.

The 8 swimmers best ranked by points will participate in the multi-disability finals.


Scratches for multi-disability finals (including substitutes) must be made no later than half an hour after the results are presented.



All participating swimmers and coaches are requested to follow the warm-up procedure in order to ensure a safe and high quality warm-up for all participating swimmers.



Results will be presented at the pool during the competition. The results will be available on this website: (to be announced) where results are updated after each session. There will be free access to Wi-Fi at the poolside.



Medals will be awarded for each class in each event. There will be no award Ceremony at the pool side. The Medals can be picked up next to the info desk.


In the multi-disability finals prize money will be presented to the three best swimmers compared to the world records. The award ceremony will take place at the pool side.


 Call-up area:


There will be no call room in connection with the competition. Swimmers are requested to show behind the blocks two or three heats before start. Each swimmer will get a basket where they can put their clothes, shoes and personal belongings. Once the swimmers have started the race the basket will be carried away from the start zone and placed at the entrances to changing rooms.

There is a limited space behind the blocks – please respect the swimmers that are preparing for their races.


Doping control:

According to the “The World Anti-Doping Code” doping control can be announced during the competition.  




For Danish Open 2015 classification is not available.



Lockers at the pool:

There are lockers in the changing rooms at the pool, where you can keep your belongings during the competition. You can have a key for a locker for the whole weekend if you pay a deposit of € 10,- at the information desk. You will get all the money back when you deliver back the key.


Pre-meet training times:

Training times prior to the meet can be booked directly at the pool at reasonable prices.


Please contact:

Jacob Drachmann Haag

E-Mail: booking@sepe.dk 




The quality of the water in Svømmestadion Danmark is very high. With your help the quality should stay that way. Therefore you have to respect the rules considering showering:


·        You have to shower naked before you go into the pool.

·        After using the toilets you have to shower naked.

·        You are allowed to warm up by the pool, afterwards you must go to the changing-rooms to shower naked.


It is the responsibility of the coach and the team manager to make sure that the regulations are followed. If the regulations are not followed it will lead to expulsion from Svømmestadion Danmark.


Travel information:























When traveling to Denmark by plane there are three airports that can be recommended.

Copenhagen Airport Kastrup

From Copenhagen Airport Kastrup it is possible to catch a train from the airport directly to Esbjerg. The time is approximately 3 hours.

The ticket office is located in Terminal 3 right above the railway station.

For further information check: http://www.cph.dk or http://www.dsb.dk.


Billund Airport

If you are arriving at Billund Airport you can take a bus directly to Esbjerg. The time is approximately 2 hours. For further information check: www.esbjerg-lufthavn.dk/en/ You can also consider hiring your own bus. More information under “Transport” (next page).


Both the train from Copenhagen and the bus from Billund are going to Esbjerg Station. From the station you can take a taxi - it only takes 5 minutes to go the hotels, the hostel or the pool.


Esbjerg Airport

About 20 kilometers from Esbjerg is Esbjerg Airport. It is a very small airport and you can only travel to Esbjerg airport from Aberdeen or Stavanger, Norway. From the airport you can go by bus or taxi in about 15 minutes. For further information check: www.esbjerg-lufthavn.dk/en/

















To arrange transport in and around Esbjerg be aware of the following possibilities:


Bus transportation:

Ri-Bus Turist

Phone: +45 75 14 30 30

Fax: +45 75 14 30 27

E-Mail: turist@ribus.dk 


De Blå Busser
Phone: +45 75 15 00 88
Fax: +45 75 15 63 87
E-Mail: post@blaabusser.dk   


Car rental agencies:

Avis Esbjerg         Phone: +45 70 24 77 72     http://www.avis.dk

Billund Airport        Phone: +45 70 24 77 70


Europcar Esbjerg Phone: +45 75 12 38 93     http://www.europcar.dk

Billund Airport        Phone: +45 75 33 15 33


Hertz Esbjerg       Phone: +45 76 13 85 20

Billund Airport       Phone: +45 76 33 82 50



Taxi - Esbjerg:

Phone: +45 75 14 45 00 – 24 hour service


Further information about Esbjerg can be found at www.visitesbjerg.dk/ln-int/esbjerg/esbjerg-tourist




Accommodation and Danish Open packages


We are pleased that we are able to offer good deals in cooperation with the two hotels mentioned below.

ALL kinds of booking arrangements have to be made directly with the hotel.



When booking – please tell the hotels you are participating in Danish Open Swimming.



Danhostel Esbjerg    




Ph. +45 7512 4258


Danhostel Esbjerg is located around 100 m from Svømmestadion Danmark. Bookings of Danish Open accommodation must be made directly with Danhostel Esbjerg.


Package from Friday to Sunday:






Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet


Lunch buffet

Lunch buffet

Dinner buffet

Dinner buffet







Rooms – shares bath and toilet

Price per person

4 bedded room

127 €

3 bedded room

140 €

2 bedded room

170 €

Single room

185 €


Rooms – private bath and toilet

Price per person

4 bedded room

140 €

3 bedded room

160 €

2 bedded room

180 €

Single room

240 €



Extra accommodation incl. breakfast per night


Rooms – shares bath and toilet

Price per person

4 bedded room

30 €

3 bedded room

38 €

2 bedded room

52 €

Single room

60 €

Rooms – private bath and toilet

Price per person

4 bedded room

38 €

3 bedded room

47 €

2 bedded room

56 €

Single room

86 €


Extra Lunch buffet:  17 €

Extra Dinner buffet: 17 €

Bed linen: 9 €


When booking – please tell the hotels you are participating in Danish Open Swimming.




Scandic Olympic


Ph. +45 75 18 11 88





Accommodation incl. breakfast per night (When booking – please tell the hotel you are participating in Danish Open Swimming.)


Rooms – private bath

Price per person Monday – Thursday

Price per person Friday – Sunday

Single room

155 €

90 €

Double room

85 €

53 €





Esbjerg Conference Hotel


Ph. +45 8882 1600                            




 Accommodation incl. breakfast per night (When booking – please tell the hotel you are participating in Danish Open Swimming.)


Rooms – private bath

Price per person Monday – Thursday

Price per person Friday – Sunday

Single room

Please contact hotel for price

90 €

Double room

Please contact hotel for price

57 €




If you stay at Scandic or Esbjerg Conference Hotel, you can order meals at Danhostel Esbjerg, please order to Danhostel Esbjerg at:



Extra Lunch buffet:  17 €

Extra Dinner buffet: 17 €




The Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled

Are looking forward to see you in Esbjerg!



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