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The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) general guidelines contain useful information to assist with reporting on the sport of wheelchair rugby as well as guidelines for reporting on persons with a disability – http://www.iwrf.com/?page=media_guide.


The media guidelines below are specifically for the IWRF 2014 Wheelchair Rugby World Championship in Odense, Denmark.


Filming operations

The press is welcome to film all of the action from designated areas during the World Championships and conduct video interviews in the mixed zone.


However, filming must not interfere with the official webcast and broadcast operations conducted by Danish Kanal Sport. The filming platforms in the stands are solely for the use of Kanal Sport.


Requests for behind the scenes footage will be dealt with individually.


Mixed zone

The mixed zone at Arena Fyn provides an opportunity for the press to conduct brief, informal interviews with players immediately after they compete. As they leave the court, players must pass through the mixed zone, but they are not obligated to stop and talk to the media.


Priority within the mixed zone starts with Kanal Sport followed by other television and radio broadcasters, and then the written press and photographers.


The communications team will work in the mixed zone to gather athlete comments, which will be distributed immediately after each match on the World Championship homepage.


Photo operations

Details of the photo positions will be available at the start of the World Championship. Although, generally, photo positions will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, photographers can apply for a reserved position.


A selection of photos from each match will be made available to all media and bloggers free of charge on the World Championship homepage.






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